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Discover Bahia with Ivan Bahia private tour-guide / travel agency, for the best experience in Salvador, Chapada Diamantina National Park and Bahia /NE-Brazil
WE always offer a more complete service for travellers, at the best, most competive price on the market Because websites like Viator, Tours by Locals, Tripadvisor, Rent a Guide take 20% COMMISSION ... which in the end YOU PAY for! We're happy to work together with our collegue Tour Guides, here in Salvador da Bahia, from Le Guide du Routard, Tours by Locals, Free Walking Tours, and Rent a Guide. We especially would like to thank Fernando Bingre, Marcio, Bahiaflaneur, Bahia Metisse, Dirk Van Kerckhove, André Alves, Frank Faro, Sayuri Cardoso, Clara Manuela Bastos Ramos, Juha Paltila, Jürgen Szillat, Thiago Barra, Laura Medeot dos Santos and others for their collegiality.

Here you find all information for your travel to BAHIA / North-East BRAZIL.
We have different guided tours in Salvador and Cachoeira, Round trips in Bahia, Discovery, walking and trekking in Chapada Diamantina National Park (the 'Brazilian Grand Canyon'), boat-trips along aphrodisiac beaches AND Islands in All Saint's Bay (the second largest bay in the world), whale-watching and giant turtle project Tamar,in Praia do Forte, etc ...

We ALLWAYS INCLUDE Private Transports and a Guide who is speaking YOUR language !

You can make a fine selection of various MINI-Packs and ALL-IN-Travel-Packages, all with amazing pictures / videos about the places where we take our travelers.

Our pricing is ALWAYS lower than if you would book via big travel-booking sites like Tripadvisor, who gladly take 20% commission ... on your expense.
That is why
we guarantee the best PRICE / QUALITY ratio,
if you book directly with us.

For researchers and business-people we provide logistical assistance, like easy access to research facilities, translations and transports.

Do you have any specific question(s) ?
CONTACT us NOW via Whatsapp / Phone or Email
and experience our quick and efficient replies.

Private transfers Airport <-> All destinations in Bahia
Evitez de payer des prix excessifs en réservant votre voyage directement avec Ivan Bahia Guide. Ainsi vous ne payez pas la commission de 20% que vous réclament les sites comme Tripadvisor, Booking.com, les bateaux de croisière, etc. Avec nous vous avez donc les meilleurs services de guide francophone local à Salvador da Bahia, au meilleur prix possible. Donc nous ne sommes pas cher ET nous avons une excellente réputation.

Guided DAY-TOURS :

MUST do : Salvador, 500 years in 1 day
Pelourinho & historic center walk Salvador
Salvador, culinairy "Moqueca-experience" & relaxing afternoon in Ribeira
Salvador, for Cruise-ship travellers
NEW : Chapada Diamantina in 1 day
Boat trip to All Saints Bay islands Frades & Itaparica with a traditional schooner
Cachoeira, a tour to the Colonial Roots of Bahia
Praia do Forte and coconut-coast beach trip, with GIANT turtles observation.
NEW : Pottery & ceramics route around All Saints bay, visiting Coqueros & Maragojipinho


Try THIS : Relaxing 3 days at Imbassai along aphrodisiac Coconut Beaches
NEW : Colonial Cachoeira & ceramics route, a 2 days mini-tour, to combine culture and arts.
Beach days for kite-buggy fanatics, bring your kite-sail, we provide a Lynn big-foot buggy and ... the best beaches.
Trekking around Itaparica island, 3 days
Discover CHapada Diamantina National Park in Bahia (also known as the Brazilian Grand Canyon) with Ivan Bahia tour guide / travel agency

Travel idea's for Chapada Diamantina National Park, also known as the 'Brazilian Grand Canyon'

Chapada Diamantina FLASH-visit in 1 day
Hiking in Chapada Diamantina National Park
Trekking in Chapada Diamantina, Lençois to Valé do Capão
Chapada trekking in Valé do Pati
Trekking dos 3 Picos (Barbado +2.000m, Itobara, Alma)
Impressive waterfall route, a fine selection
Private transfers from Lençois to Morro de Sao Paulo & Boipeba
Organize your travel in Bahia / Brazil with Ivan Bahia tour guide / travel agency


Overview of our DAY-TOURS
Overview ALL-IN travel packs
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Organize your travel in Bahia / Brazil with Ivan Bahia tour guide / travel agency

Our trip pictures :

Salvador daytrip-views
Chapada Diamantina impressions
Trekking in Chapada Diamantina
Trekking in the Valé do Pati
Beautiful waterfalls in Chapada Diamantina
Cachoeira and Recôncavo Baiano
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Ivan Salvador da Bahia & Chapada Diamantina guide : promotion Chapada Diamantina 1 day flash visit
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